Privacy Policy

Last Modification : February 5, 2023

What data do we collect?

Tunelinx Account User Informations

To be able to use Tunelinx features, we collect the following informations from registered users : Email, Name, Billing Address, Billing Informations (card expiration date, card brand, 4 last digits of card number, transaction history)

Tunelinx Visitors

When any visitor interacts with a page created with Tunelinx we collect data which includes : Location (through IP address lookup), Web Browser, Operating System.

How Tunelinx collects data

Cookies and Local Storage

We only uses Cookies when the user choose to enable retargeting for their page through Facebook Pixel or Google Pixel, local storage is used to authenticate the Tunelinx users.

When Registering

When a user creates an account we collect the data associated with his account to be able to use the service.

Third Parties

Visitors may give the permission to share personal information from their music service account (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music) to the Tunelinx User (Artist, Label). Authorization can be revoked at any time through the following links :

How Tunelinx uses data

Visitor can be asked to share their email to Tunelinx Users (Artists, Labels) to send emails to their fans

Tunelinx Data Sharing

We may share anonymous events to Google Adsense and Facebook Pixel Id to allows Users (Artist, Labels) to create advertising based on these events

Data Retention

As long as you use Tunelinx the data is kept. You can decide anytime to remove your account and every data associated with it will be removed.


Tunelinx may send you marketing emails

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