Tunelinx, an affordable alternative to Linkfire

Many Artists and labels uses Linkfire to create pre-save or smart links

Here is why you should consider using Tunelinx instead of Linkfire as an alternative to create pre-saves and smart links

Differences between Tunelinx and Linkfire

Tunelinx is affordable compared to Linkfire

The biggest differences between Tunelinx and Linkfire is definitly the pricing.

Tunelinx has three plan : Free, Artist (3.99$/mo), Pro (7.99$/mo). Linkfire has four plan $9.99/mo, $24.99/mo, $49.99/mo, $99.99/mo

Every features in Linkfire $99.99/mo plan are in the Tunelinx Pro Plan (7.99$/mo). It does not make sense to pay this much to create pre-save.

With Tunelinx you can create pre-save for free, the only limitations are a maximum of 3 pre-save and generated url name. If you want to have most of the customizable options, you can pay 3.99$/mo to customize your subdomain, url name, add a custom theme.

For a similar set of features as above with Linkfire, you need to pay $24.99/mo which is more than 5 times the price of Tunelinx for less features (No theme, no Youtube preview)

With Tunelinx you can create smartlinks entirely for free whereas Linkfire need you to pay $9.99/mo

Linkfire with ads vs Tunelinx without ads

Linkfire has a free plan but which only allows to create smart links (no pre-save) with ads on the page.

The last thing you want on your smart links page is ads, this is why when using Tunelinx, even free plan doesn't have any ads

Tunelinx landing pages are more customizable than Linkfire

Tunelinx has a set of exclusives features that don't exist with Linkfire. For example, you can add a Youtube video as preview instead of audio and you can decide if autoplay is enabled

You can also choose a custom theme (Frosted Glass) if you prefer a more modern design for your landing pages

Tunelinx is cookieless and has better user experience for the visitors than Linkfire

When using Linkfire, visitors user experience is compromised by annoying cookie banners and consent related to tracking.

When using Tunelinx there is no cookie prompt for creating pre-save and smart links. We are not using cookie to track personnal data.

The only case when the cookie prompt is needed is for pages created that use the retargeting feature (Google Pixel or Facebook Pixel). But as long as you don't use this feature, visitors can access page without any cookies banner

Tunelinx is Fast and Easy to use

Tunelinx dashboard has been designed to be fast and simple to use. Everything has been simplifed to be understandble easily.

Tunelinx has an cutomatic Custom Domain Registration

Linking you custom domain to Tunelinx is so much easier than Linkfire. When using Linkfire you need to first pay the essential plan which cost $49.99/mo. You also need to send an email to Linkfire to tell them you made your domain point to their ip addresses.

When using Tunelinx to link your custom domain, you only need to add the DNS record specified, then wait for the DNS to propagate and it will automatically link your custom domain you don't need to manually ask to link your domain.

Tunelinx has better Link in bio

Tunelinx Link in bio are way more advanced than Linkfire. With Tunelinx Link in bio, you can add widgets, those are real time statistics like your Youtube Subscribers count or Spotify Followers count. This feature does not exists when using Linkfire

With Tunelinx Link in bio you can also add actions. You can for example add a Follow on Spotify action that will make users automatically follow you when clicking the button. Or you can add a contact action that will copy your contact email to the clipboard

Tunelinx has an affiliation program

Tunelinx is the only tool on the market that has an affiliation program. Each time an artist create an account with your affiliation link, this artist will become affiliate to you. Affiliates receive a discount on their first month or first year. If any of your affiliate buys a subscription, you will receive a free subscription as a reward. Learn more about affiliation here

If someone buys a Pro Subscription, you will a receive a Pro Plan reward, if they bought an Artist Subscription, you will receive a free subscription (Artist Plan).

This system means if you manage to invite new users to Tunelinx, you can technically never pay for Tunelinx. Such system doesn't exists when using Linkfire.

Tunelinx keeps your links even if you unsubscribe

When you use Linkfire, if you decide to cancel your subscription, once your subscription is gone, all the pre-save you created will receive tons of ads on it.

When using Tunelinx, in case you decide to cancel your subscription we won't do anything to your links. Even if you registred a custom domain, even though you will not have a subscription anymore we will keep your links working with your custom domain.