Tunelinx, a good alternative to Feature.fm

Feature.fm is one of the common way to create pre-save and smart links

Here is why you should consider using Tunelinx instead of Feature.fm as an alternative to create pre-saves and smart links

Feature.fm Bio limit

Unless you choose a Feature.fm business plan, you will not be able to create multiple link in bio which could be an issue for labels that manage multiple artists. Using Tunelinx you can create unlimited Link in bio for 3.99$/mo

Feature.fm free plan vs Tunelinx free plan

Feature.fm free plan only allows you to create Spotify pre-save whereas Tunelinx free pre-save allows you to create pre-save for Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer

You can create Unlimited smart links with both Tunelinx and Feature.fm but you can't customize the order of the services of your free pre-save or smart link with Feature.fm. That's not the case with Tunelinx free plan.

Feature.fm Spotify Follow Artist is limited

If you want to make fans follow multiple spotify profiles after pre-saving your song on Spotify using Feature.fm, that's only possible with the 39$ plan and even then you are still limited to 3 artist to follow which could be a problem if your song has more than 3 artists on it.

On the other hand, Tunelinx allows you to follow unlimited Spotify Artists with the first paid plan (3.99$/mo)

Feature.fm dashboard is slow and not user friendly

For some reasons Feature.fm dashboard is really slow which doesn't make it very user friendly compared to Tunelinx reactive dashboard. Also the Feature.fm dashboard isn't really the best in terms of user experience

Feature.fm limited custom domain and custom subdomain

If you want to use more than one custom subdomain with Feature.fm you will need to pay 39$/mo and you are still limited to a maximum of 3 custom subdomains. With Tunelinx, you can use unlimited custom subdomain.

For the custom domain is almost the same, Custom Domain are limited to one in every Feature.fm plan which means if you want to have more than one domain you will have to buy a business plan which starts at 99$/mo. Nobody should pay that much just to link their custom domain which is why when using Tunelinx, you can connect unlimited custom domains for only 7.99$/mo

Cookieless and better user experience for the visitors

When using Feature.fm, visitors user experience is compromised by annoying cookie banners and consent related to tracking.

When using Tunelinx there is no cookie prompt for creating pre-save and smart links. We are not using cookie to track personnal data.

The only case when the cookie prompt is needed is for pages created that use the retargeting feature (Google Pixel or Facebook Pixel). But as long as you don't use this feature, visitors can access page without any cookies banner

Feature.fm Artist Page are not as customizable as Tunelinx Artist Pages

Tunelinx Link in bio are way more advanced than Feature.fm. Tunelinx Link in bio allows you to add real time statistics like your Youtube Subscribers count or Spotify Followers count. This feature does not exists when using Feature.fm

With Tunelinx Link in bio you can also add actions. You can for example add a Follow on Spotify action that will make users automatically follow you when clicking the button. Or you can add a contact action that will copy your contact email to the clipboard

Tunelinx has an cutomatic Custom Domain Registration

Linking you custom domain to Tunelinx is so much easier than Feature.fm. When using Feature.fm you need to first pay $19.99/mo. You also need to send an email to Feature.fm to tell them you added DNS records.

When using Tunelinx to link your custom domain, you only need to add the DNS record specified, then wait for the DNS to propagate and it will automatically link your custom domain you don't need to manually ask to link your domain.